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Geoff Troll was born in 1952 in the East End of London, he is a true cockney as he was born next to Bow bells.

He has settled in the Pays de Bray, Normandy thirty years ago and he is now well integrated in the local cultural and artistic life, but his reputation goes well beyond Normandy and has works in many international collections. Geoff Troll doesn’t follow any trend, he doesn’t like classification.

He is at the same time a painter, a sculptor, a ceramist, a musician, an art therapist and he has the rare privilege to be able to go from one form of expression to another without losing his strength and his originality.

Maybe It is because this Londoner is interested above all in Humanity and his mad dreams that haunt him day and night that he is timeless and he knows how to present these dreams with talent.

Artist or philosopher, therapist or humorist, Geoff Troll is everything and much more.

A few landmarks in his career:

-Publication of a book on art therapy in 1995.

-Co-ordinator of the programme of training for art therapists in Lausanne for the University of London from 1989 to 2001.

-Exhibition at Venthône castle, Switzerland in 1995 where a monumental bronze sculpture is still there.

-Participation to the World Economic Forum in Davos, in 2000.

-Exhibition at the United Nation in Geneva in 2003 on the invitation of Kofi Annan.

-Creation of a cultural centre in Normandy: Artmazia in 2003.

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